• Our 3D-LiDAR, definitely sees 3D reality, anywhere and anytime.

Our 3D-LiDAR, definitely sees 3D reality, anywhere and anytime.

A true light weight 3D-LiDAR is coming to a palm-sized drone.

The fundamental innovation: the world largest reciprocal scanning angle in open air

The fundamental challenge: see each photon anytime.

The 3D-LiDAR with the world-first magnetically resonant actuator

For module services, please contact us.

A handheld 3D-LiDAR product with ultra-low power consumption drivable by USB

Dolphin LiDAR, significantly saves human labor to build big AR space.

Dolphin LiDAR makes NAKED-EYE xR interaction free from predefined stages, unlocking your next xR experience in arbitrary environment.

The cm-level fidelity representing real world makes each interactive touch with virtual world as accurate as if it occurred in a true physical world.

Dolphin 3D-LiDAR maximizes productivity of real-time contents development, whatever for xR fusion or music fusion.

Quickly capture a large-scale 3D scene up to 25m.
High definition point cloud up to 128 layers for accurate AR space.
Data interface is compatible to major real-time platforms by UDP/OSC.
Both suitable as a creating tool and as an interactive gaming device.

Privacy-protected xR live streaming with a Dolphin 3D-LiDAR (courtesy of Prof. UCHIYAMA Toshiaki, University of Tsukuba)

Dolphin 3D-LiDAR expands your imagination beyond spatial world to music. (Courtesy of Mr. HASEGAWA Taito)

Our challenges make a high-definition 3D-LiDAR become suitable for handheld purpose.

A LiDAR will never be afraid of another LiDAR.

Monolithic body for handheld reliability

About us

Dolphin is a technology venture stablished in 2018 in Japan. We are pursuing to make a personally affordable 3D-LiDAR scanner to record every real 3D scene as simple as it should be. Different to any other single-task-oriented LiDAR instruments for vehicle or topology purpose, we understand as a LiDAR imager for a personal use, it should be with visual imaging quality, with real-time response, stable in arbitrary environment, with handheld weight, with low power consumption, with palmed size, as well as it should obey to the most trustable laser eye-safety for daily use. During past four years, we made numerous technology innovations to realize this goal. As a personal device, our LiDAR has competitive merits with distance sensing range up to 98m and 3D imaging quality up to 47m. We also cover ultra-wide scanning angle, and make a LiDAR device working in tough outdoor condition. Our team members are from variety of industrial background, including laser barcode engine, optical pickup device, watch movement component, precision robot control etc. Our deep knowledge involved in real mass production makes our 3D-LiDAR creates more imagination in your 3D reality.

The patents behind challenges.

Currently, we hold the following granted patents behind our innovated 3D-LiDAR. We also hold many patent-in-applications in major regions. Our patent portofolio are covering the fundamental laser scanning actuator, LiDAR optics, as well as single photon detection schemes.

JP6518959B JP6519033B JP6521164B JP6521551B JP6541165B JP6651110B JP6651111B JP668556B
JP6830698B JP7097647B JP7097648 USP10324184B USP10620314B USP10852431B USP10878984B USP11275157B

Dolphin is our registered trademark in Japan. 度逢 is our registered trademark in Japan and China.