Tech Spec

Tech Specs


Enterprise applications

Large-scale human flow control
Robot mobility
Autonomous warehouse and stock management
High fidelity public surveillance with protected facial privacy
Applications needs large-scale XYZ data

Personal creators

Interactive game development
Digital arts and AIGC
Film development with real-time background removement
Environment scanning for digital twin
General real-time 3D contents with spatial computing function

Physical Characteristics

Model name

D5 lite




457g(without cables)

Power supply

USB3.1 (Gen2) port / USB charger port with 0.95A output capacity (USB power delivery is not supported)

Interface port

RJ45 LAN Jack with 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
UDP Unicast mode

Power consumption

Typ. 2.5W

Scanning Characteristics

Scanning technology

Bi-directional laser scan based on Dolphin's magnetically resonant actuator coupled with a Galvano actuator.

Scanning field of view (FOV)

Horizontal: ±30 degrees


   Upper angle: +14 degrees

   Lower angle: -20 degrees

Accuracy of scanning FOV

Horizontal: ±2.5 degrees (Typ.)

Vertical: ±1.1 degrees (Typ.)

Horizontal scanning speed

Typ. 300-360 reciprocal scans / second

Vertical layers

Adjustable: Default 64 layers | Min 1 layer | Max 256 layers

Horizontal angular resolution

0.18 degree

Vertical angular resolution

0.53 degree @ 64 layers

Scanning frame rate

Dependent on setting of vertical layers Typ. 4 FPS @ 64 layers

Scanning startup time 


Laser Characteristics

Laser type

Single chip pulsed laser diode


Typ. 905nm

Repetitive pulse frequency


Pulsed laser power for distance measurement

Typ. 0.076 uJ

Averaging laser power during scanning


Eye-safety regulations


Class 1 laser product complied with
IEC 60825-1:2014 / FDA 21CFR Part 1040.10 (CDRH) / 


AEL criterion is at the condition of C6=1.

Depth Characteristics

Depth sensing principle

Direct Time of Flight(dTOF)

Depth fidelity

Typ. >99.95% * (not be guaranteed)

* The false detection rate is less than 5/10,000 in 100Klux sunlight environment.

Depth range

Depth imaging: 1.5-25m (Human outline detectable)
Depth sensing: 0.3-76m (Single photon sensitivity)

Depth resolution


Depth accuracy

2%~5% to measured depth *

* Dependent on reflectivity of target surface, its orientation, texture and roughness.

Detectable reflectance

Hemispherical reflectance ≈ 0.7% *

* Scattered black surface at 5 meters.

Ambient light immunity

Typically working in 108,000lux *
* Imaging quality is kept more than 70% successful rate based on Dolphin’s specific target.

Data interface

Output protocol

UDP unicast mode with binary data
OSC format is supported via Dolphin lab OSC converter

Demo APP Viewer

Dolphin Lab

*MacOS、Windows, Android and iOS are supported.

Saved format





User Environment

Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Operating humidity

RH 95% without condensation

EMI regulations

CISPR32: Ed2.0 (2015) Class B

FCC Part15 Subpart B Class B

Mechanical drawings

Mechanical drawings (Tentative)

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