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Dolphin D5

Dolphin D5

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Revolutionizing LiDAR Techniques

Dolphin's 3D-LiDAR, the world-first long-range 3D-LiDAR powered by USB based on our innovative magnetically resonant actuator, offers wide-angle scanning function at eceptional low power cnsumption with only 2.5 Watt.

With the most strict laser eye-safety criterion and 100Klux sunlight immunity, it operates at only 5V power supply, 18,000rpm high-speed for horizonal scan, and only weights 457g, which revolutionizing 3D environment perceptions extending from ground to sky.

What Makes Dolphin LiDAR So Special?

The 3D-LiDAR equipped with the pioneering bi-directional high-speed scanning technology

A single 3D-LiDAR device, achieves 16 to 256 layers.

  • H60xV34 degrees, wide scanning FOV angle
  • 76 meters, single photon sensitivity
  • 25 meters, human outline perception
  • 2.5 Watts, ultra-low power consumption
  • 457 gram, light weight for large-scale detection
  • Class I@C6=1, the most trustable laser eye-safety criterion
  • 100Klux, robust sunlight immunity

The cutting-edge magnetically resonant actuator, with extreme large-angle and high reliability

  • The breakthrough of extremely large scanning angle dramatically reduces quantity of electrical and optical components to be just 1%, making high-definition LiDAR personally affordable.
  • Stably drive a large scanning mirror at ONLY 5V power supply, but reach speed as high as 18,000rpm.
  • From proof-of-concept to manufacturing, we involved in every details of development, ensuring top-quality in mass production.

Portability, Affordability, and Univeral Industrial Design

  • Introducing a true lightweight 3D-LiDAR, ideal for palm-sized drones, The LiDAR module weighs just 240g, but supports all the LiDAR functions.
  • Featured ultra-low power consumption only at 2.5Watt.
  • Our overall energy-saving product design bridges your understanding of 3D reality from ground to sky, unlocking boundless imagination.

Dolphin's Product Merits

Featured Specs

Distance Range:

Up to 76m

Imaging Quality:

Up to 25m(Human Outline)

Scan FOV (Degree):


Vertical Layers:

Adjustable Layers from 16-256

Scanning Frame Rate:

2.8-12Hz Adjustable

Depth Resolution:

Typically, 1cm

Measurement Accuracy:


Anti-Ambient Light:


Power Consumption:

Typ. 2.5W

Product Size:





Q:What do the colors in the Dolphin Lab distance map represent?

A:In Dolphin Lab, the colors in the distance map represent the distance intormation of different points on objects.

Q:Does the D5 Lite support intensity information?

A:D5 Lite does not support intensity information.

Q:Compared to other LiDAR devices, why is it more suitable tor consumer applications?

A:D5 Lite is more suitable for consumer applications because it adopts the most stringent parameter class 1@c6=1 for the safety of human eyes.

Q:What format does the output point cloud data of D5 Lite have? 

A:Of course. The saved file format can be selected from .PLY, .STL,and .XYZ.

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