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Q:What do the colors in the Dolphin Lab distance map represent?

A:In Dolphin Lab, the colors in the distance map represent the distance information of different points on objects.

Q:Does the D5 Lite support intensity information?

A:D5 Lite does not support intensity information.

Q:Compared to other LiDAR devices, why is it more suitable for consumer applications?

A:D5 Lite is more suitable for consumer applications because it adopts the most stringent parameter class 1@c6=1 for the safety of human eyes.

Q:What format does the output point cloud data of D5 Lite have? 

A:Of course. The saved file format can be selected from .PLY, .STL,and .XYZ.

Q:Is it possible to receive D5 Lite data with third-party tools and use it for game development or other purposes?

A:Data can be sent via OSC (Open Sound Control), so users can use D5 Lite's data in any tool such as Unity, UE, etc. to develop their own games and APPs.

Q:What type of power source does D5 Lite require?

A:D5 Lite requires external power supply. Requires USB 3.1 (Gen2) (output current 0.95A or higher) or battery charging.

Q:If two D5 Lites face each other and work at the same time, will they interfere with each other? 

A:There will be no interference between them.

Q:Is additional shading or heat dissipation required for D5 Lite? 

A:No, it is not necessary at all.

Q:How can l set the IP address? 

A:Please refer to the instruction manual.

Q:Is it possible to communicate through Wi-Fi? 

A:No problem. Please refer to the instruction manual.

Q:Can the D5 Lite be used outdoors in direct sunlight? 

A:It is possible to perform distance detection in an illumination environment of 108,000 lux.

Q:Does the D5 Lite emit electromagnetic radiation? 

A:Compliant with EMI regulations (CISPR32) in 10m anechoic chamber.

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