About Dolphin

Who we are

Established in 2018, Dolphin team is focusing on revolutionizing the 3D-LiDAR landscape. Our mission is to produce an affordable, personal 3D-LiDAR scanner that captures 3D reality with unparalleled simplicity and precision.

Distinguished from the conventional high-end metrology-oriented LiDAR instruments, our vision is to expand LiDAR applications from sole measurement purpose to general real-time spatical computing applications, for example, naked-eye interative gaming, digital arts, AIGC and xR solutions.

We believe that such LiDAR device should satisfy:

  • Imaging quality
  • Real-time response
  • Stable performance under diverse environments
  • Handheld convenience by the merits of weight and size
  • Low power consumption
  • Complying with the strict criterion of laser eye-safety as daily use

Over the past four years, we've pioneered numerous technology innovations. Our LiDAR achieved sensing range up to 76 meters at only 2.5W power consumption and spatial resolution with imaging quality up to 25 meters. Additionally, it features a wide-angle scanning FOV both in horizonal and vertical directions. It is robust enough to operate seamlessly in challenging outdoor environment.

Our team comprises experts from various industrial backgrounds, including laser barcode engines, optical pick-up units, watch movement components, and precision robot control. This rich tapestry of expertise, combined with our deep insights in mass production procedure, ensures that our 3D-LiDAR not only exceeds your expectations, unlocking endless possibilities to interact with your 3D reality.

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